Surveying FAQs

Why do I need a land survey?

The need for a land survey can arise from several reasons. Typically a land survey is performed in order to locate, describe, monument and/or map the boundary and corners of a specific parcel of land and/or its encumbrances. Land surveys can also include a topographic survey of a subject property which can include the vertical relief, buildings and other improvements that are located on the parcel or directly adjacent.

Typically you will want to have your land surveyed in the following instances:

  • Prior to purchasing a parcel of land. This will help to disclose the relationships between lines of possession and deeded or mapped property lines.
  • During the process of borrowing money for purchase a lending institute may require what is commonly referred to as an A.L.T.A / N.S.P.S. survey.
  • In the event you believe there may be conflicts in regards to the use of your property.
  • Whenever you believe there is a possible encroachment onto you property from adjacent properties improvements.
  • Prior to the division or merging of any parcels for sale.
  • In the event local governing agencies require the construction of structures and/or improvements that may effect the subject parcel.
  • When you intend to sell any parcel or tract of land.
  • If advised by a lawyer, architect, real estate agent, governing agency or civil engineering office advises or requires it.

How much do surveys cost?

Land survey fees are typically based upon the anticipated difficulty and time required to complete a given project. Routine surveying projects may be estimated as to a cost, but the client must be aware that in many situations, the exact amount of work required in order to recover necessary monuments, restore lost or destroyed corners, local governmental agency research, field data collection, complete and accurate mathematical calculations, and the preparation of any associated descriptions or maps of the subject property cannot be predicted. All of this  is typically combined and analyzed to establish the location of property corners and other information that is required for the land survey.

It is important to understand that competitive bidding for the lowest prices does not necessarily protect the interests of the client, the public or the Professional Land Surveyor. The competency, reputation, education and experiences of multiple surveys should be considered prior to selection to perform the survey.

How long does a survey take?

Depending upon the individual complexity of a survey in addition to the overall size, survey time frames vary from project to project.

What types of technology are used?

MHP is proud to say that we use several different technologies and processes for all of our jobs. Not only do we use the latest in hardware and software, but we do not limit ourselves in order to ensure each client that we provide the best available data. While in the field, our surveyors use hardware such as Trimble TSC3's, Trimble R8/R10, Trimble S6 and more. When it comes to office procedures, we rely on the latest software as well, all of our projects are prepared using Autodesk's Civil 3D .

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